Cairo day Tours

Cairo Day Tours

Enrich your holiday in Egypt with a tour to Cairo Day Tour to  Giza Pyramids and Sphinx, Excursion to the Egyptian Museum, Khan el Khalili bazaar,trip to the River Nile.Explore the Co- existence among different religions  in day  trip to old Cairo .Half Day Tour to Giza Pyramids. Day tour to Sakkara and Memphis,half day tour to Dahshur and Red Pyramid Day Tour and Excursion Visiting Alexandria. Day trip to El Fayoum oasis.

full day trip,Giza pyramids,Sphinx,Egyptian museum and sailing in the Nile
DescriptionFull Day Tour to Giza Pyramids ,Egyptian Museum and sailing in the river Nile.
Start from 40 USD
Duration : 9 Hours
Egyptian Museum
DescriptionFull Day Tour to Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo and khan el khalily bazar
Start From 30 USD
Duration : 8 Hours
 Full Day Tour,Giza pyramids,sphinx,Memphis ,Dahshur pyramids and Sakkara step pyramid
DescriptionVisit the Valley Temple where the Priests Mummified the dead body of King Chephren, Also there you will have a close-up look at The Sphinx
Start From 45 USD
Duration : 8 Hours
The Roman Theater
DescriptionExplore The Highlights of Alexandria by visiting Catacomb,Alexandria Library, Qaytbay Citadel,El Mursi Abu Elabas,Roman theater
Start From 70 USD
Duration : Around 12 hours
Day tour to Sphinx
DescriptionHalf day tour exploring the Great Pyramids - Cheops, Chephren & Mykerinos Visit the Valley Temple and the Sphinx
Start From 25 USD
Duration : Around 4 hours
Day tour,Giza pyramids
DescriptionDiscover The Highlights of Cairo, the gerat pyramids,sphinx, Egyptian Museum and the Citadel
Start From 40 USD
Duration : Around 8 hours
Luxor day tour from Cairo
Descriptionexplore the most important historical sites in Luxor in one day.Exploring the West Bank visiting the fascinating Valley of Kings,Deir El Bahari Temple
Start From 275 USD
Duration : Around 12 hours
El Fayoum oasis day tour from Cairo
DescriptionEgypy happy tours representative will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo to explore El Fayoum famous sites.From Cairo to Fayoum is about 95 km.
Start From 70 USD
Duration : 8 Hours
Day tour to El-fayoum
DescriptionExplore El Fayoum famous Pyramids,make your dream true,and discover the golden age of the middle kingdom. We will start with Hawara Pyramid
Start From 50 USD
Duration : Around 10 hours
Day trip to Pyramids,sphinx,Memphis and sakkara step pyramid.
DescriptionA full day visiting the beautiful Giza Metropolis, including the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, and the Valley Temple. The trip also includes visiting the are
50 USD
Duration : Around 8 hours
Giza Pyramids and Shpinx half day trip from Cairo
DescriptionThe Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World still standing, and it was built to the the eternal resting place
25 USD
Duration : Around 4 hours
Day tour to the Egyptian museum,citadel,khan al khalil Bazaar
DescriptionFull day tour visiting Egyptian Museum, Citadel, and Khan al Kalili Bazaar.
40 USD
Duration : Around 8 hours
Day tour to old cairo christian and Islamic tour
DescriptionEgypt happy Tours will pick you up from your hotel in Giza or Cairo to start your day exploring Old Cairo
35 USD
Half day trip to The famous Egyptian Museum
DescriptionThere is no doubt that the Egyptian Museum is one of the most important atrractions in cairo,
20 USD
Duration : Around 4 hours
DescriptionExplore the oldest Capitol not only in Egyptian history but also in Man's history. Memphis was established around 3000 B.C. by King Mena. Memphis was
25 USD
Day trip visiting Giza Pyramids Sphinx Sakara Pyramid
DescriptionWant to visit the largest city in the middle east but time is limited? Egypt happy tours offers you comprehensive tour which is correctly organized
35 USD
Duration : Around 8 hours
Sound and lignt show
DescriptionExplore the amazing pyramids at night as this fantastic show is one of the best activities at night in Cairo.
30 $ USD
Duration : 3 hours
Enjoy Dinner Cruise at Cairo with Belly dancer and Tanoura.
DescriptionDiscover the lovely nights at Cairo and enjoy sailing on the great River Nile for 2 hours.
35 $ USD
Duration : 4 hours
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DescriptionExplore all highlights of Cairo such as Giza great Pyramids ,Sphinx,Sakkara Step pyramid ,Memphis ,Citadel ,Islamic and Christian Cairo and the Museum
Start From 120 $ USD
Duration : 2 days
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DescriptionEnjoy exploring the great Pyramids and the amazing Sphinx in layover from the Cairo airport .
Start From 40 USD USD
Duration : 7 Hours